Everyday problems singles bring to cybertherapy

Here are some of the issues single people work on in therapy.

I keep picking the wrong people.

I hate bars and I've heard about bad experiences with ads and dating services. What next?

I have a sexual problem that has prevented me from getting into a long term relationship.

As a single woman, my family expects me to do all the eldercare. I am furious, but I cannot abandon my mother and aunt.

My ex is using dirty tricks to clean me out. I am in shock and stressed out.

After the third roommate from hell, I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

My relationships start off well, but something always goes wrong.

I am trying to co-parent with my ex, who is irresponsible and uncooperative.

I would like to get married, but the people who attract me physically are not the sort of people I want to spend my life with.

I live with my parents, and they still treat me as if I was a kid.

I am widowed, and I find it very difficult to adjust to living alone.

I don't want to come out to my bigoted family, but with every passing year they get more vociferous about getting me married.

My parents expect me to marry within our culture, but it does not appeal to me at all.

I think I have a commitment phobia.

I only attract losers.

All my friends are now married with young children, and don't have time to see me.

My parents are racists when it comes to my boyfriends.

My friends say I should put my mother in a seniors residence, because she is critical and demanding and is ruining my life--but I can't do it.

This world doesn't seem to be designed for single people, especially if you don't have a family or can't stand to be around them.

I have just extricated myself from a second abusive relationship. If there is a pattern here, I want to change it before I try again.

My friends don't like my boyfriend, and I wonder if I'm making a mistake.

Having grown up with alcoholism in a deeply dysfunctional family, I am afraid that if I get married the pattern will be repeated.

I like being single, but I can't get that across to my family and friends.

I very much want to have a child, but time is running out and there are no men on the horizon that I feel enthused about.

I grew up in the Islands, and my ex is Canadian. Co-parenting requires more negotiating skill than I have. She says I'm too rough on the kids, and I think she is spoiling them and not preparing them for real life.

This information comes from an Ontario online therapist.

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