Research Interests

  • Computer Networks: Network Routing, Software Defined Network, Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Network Security: DoS/DDoS Attacks, Intrusion Detection Systems
  • I also find Game Theory really Interesting.

  • Currently I am working on network routing for distributed OpenFlow networks with Prof. Libeherr.

    Previously, I worked on sensor placements for Wireless Sensor Networks under the supervision of Prof. Macgregor at the Networks Research Group of the Computing Sceince Department of University of Alberta. Relevant publications include:

  • S.H. Mortazavi, M. Salehe, M.H. MacGregor, "Maximum WSN Coverage in Environments of Heterogeneous Path Loss", Int. J. Sensor Networks, in press, 13 ms pages.
  • S. Hossein Mortazavi, Designing Hierarchical WSNs for Heterogeneous Outdoor Environments, MSc thesis, Dept. of Computing Science, University of Alberta, 2012

  • I have also worked on Performance Analysis and Evaluation of an Optimal Internal Congestion Control in a Cluster-based Router with Qinghua Ye under the supervision of Prof. Macgregor in Summer 2011. Relevant Publication:

  • Q. (Qinghua) Ye, S. Hossein Mortazavi, M.H. MacGregor, "Performance Analysis of an Optimal Internal Congestion Control in a Cluster-based Router", Proc. 18th IEEE Int'l Conf. on Networks (ICON 2012), Singapore, December 2012, 7 ms. pages.

  • From 2007 to 2009 I was a member of the Impossibles team and Artifical Intellegence and Robotics Labaratory (AIRL) at Sharif University, I worked on the RoboCup Rescue Simulation project. With Impossibles we finished 2nd in Atlanta 2007 and third in Suzhou China 2008 world Robocup competitions.