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February 7-8, 2009

University of Toronto

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Click the link below to see the photos from the workshop:


The organizers would like to thank all the participants for making the workshop a success. We hope to see you all again in Toronto in the nearest future.

Diane, Nattaya, Julia, Michelle and Kenji

Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto




Hagit Borer, University of Southern California
Lisa Cheng, Leiden University
Gennaro Chierchia, Harvard University
Brendan Gillon, McGill University
Jeffry Pelletier, Simon Fraser University
Heike Wiese, University of Potsdam

Elizabeth Cowper, University of Toronto
Daniel Currie Hall, University of Toronto
Eric Mathieu, University of Ottawa
Ileana Paul, University of Western Ontario
Martina Wiltschko, University of British Columbia

Solveiga Armoskaite, University of British Columbia
Saeed Ghaniabadi, University of Manitoba

Diane Massam
Yves Roberge
Kenji Oda
Nattaya Piriyawiboon
Michelle St.Amour
Julia Yu-ying Su

This workshop is sponsored by:
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Aid to Research Workshops and Conferences in Canada

SSHRC - MCRI on Natural Language Interface Asymmetry (Yves Roberge; PI: Anna Maria Di Sciullo)

SSHRC SRG on Featural Variation in The Left Periphery of a Predicate Initial Language (Diane Massam)