Funny Stuff

Math Songs written in Grade 11

- minus b Ī square root

of the discriminoot

all over 2 of a

thatís the quadratic formulae


- to find the sum of arith-me-tic

to the formula you must stick

n times t1 + tn

all over 2 now lets begin


- to find the geometric sum

this formula you must hum

a times (r to the n) minus 1

over r-1 Go



Oh how I want to procrastinate

To math class canít be late

Boy, I love to calculate


- Hereís something you should know

S -O-H, C-A-H, T...O...A

Get your theta right and youíll be okay*

* or away

This should be in TV but I love it and it's so freakin' Funny!
Blow Pop Commercial!
Take 1. "Fruit flavored candy on the outside, bubble gum on the inside. That's a blow pop." 
"Cherry, grape strawberry." 
::whispers:: "Sour Apple." (kid smacks himself on the head). 
"Watermelon." "TADA!" 
"That's a blow pop. That's a blow pop!." 
::whispers:: "Say, from Charms." "What?" "Cut! Cut!"
(please e-mail me if you've seen this commercial (

Progression of Insults:
Start with random sentence. "Hey look its a can!"
Then start insulting! 
"YOU'RE a can!"
"Your FACE is a can!"
"Your MOTHER's a can!"
"Your mutha's FACE is a can!"

I've been playing Tales of Symphonia now for a while. It's really long... (check out BookClub for review) And it
has a rating of Teen, for Fantasy Violence, Language, and Suggestive Themes. And rightly so! Here is a list of objectionable
words, phrases and actions (this is a joke... well the list is real, but i know there are a lot worse stuff in other games...):
-What the hell.
-*Raine spanking her little brother Genis*
-Shut it!
-Shut up!
-Boy behind girl:Come on lets do that one thing *note symbol*
 Girl:No, let go.
-*Raine Bitch slaps her little brother coutless (like 5 or 6...) times*
-You Bastard!
-As you burn in hell
-Ah, Crap.
-Violent Demonic Banshee