Table of Contents for the NWAV44 special issue of the
Canadian Journal of Linguistics/La revue canadienne de linguistique

Variation at the Crossroads: Advancing theory by integrating methods

Naomi Nagy and Michol F. Hoffman, guest editors


1.     Preface, Naomi Nagy and Michol F. Hoffman

2.     Some parallels, accidental and expected, William Labov

3.     Writing a linguistic symphony: Analyzing variation while doing language documentation, Miriam Meyerhoff

4.     Using comparative sociolinguistics to inform European minority language policies: Evidence from contemporary Picard and regional French, Julie Auger and Anne-José Villeneuve

5.     Sociolinguistic research with endangered varieties: The case of Louisiana French, Darcie Blainey

6.     Not-so-strange bedfellows: Documentation, description, and sociolinguistics in Gaza, William Cotter

7.     Structure, use and syntactic ecology in language obsolescence, David Adger

8.     What's mine is yours: Stable variation and language change in Ancient Egyptian possessive constructions, Shayna Gardiner

9.     The ergative-antipassive alternation in Inuktitut: Analyzed in a case of new-dialect formation, Julien Carrier

10. Variationist sociolinguistics and corpus-based variationist linguistics: overlap and cross-pollination potential, Benedikt Szmrecesanyi

Published online mid-June 2017, Forthcoming in print in December 2017