Table of Contents for the NWAV44 special issue of the Canadian Journal of Linguistics/La revue canadienne de linguistique

Variation at the Crossroads: Advancing theory by integrating methods


1.     Preface, Naomi Nagy and Michol F. Hoffman, guest editors

2.     Some parallels, accidental and expected, William Labov

3.     Writing a linguistic symphony: Analyzing variation while doing language documentation, Miriam Meyerhoff

4.     Using comparative sociolinguistics to inform European minority language policies: Evidence from contemporary Picard and regional French, Julie Auger and Anne-José Villeneuve

5.     Sociolinguistic research with endangered varieties: The case of Louisiana French, Darcie Blainey

6.     Not-so-strange bedfellows: Documentation, description, and sociolinguistics in Gaza, William Cotter

7.     Structure, use and syntactic ecology in language obsolescence, David Adger

8.     What's mine is yours: Stable variation and language change in Ancient Egyptian possessive constructions, Shayna Gardiner

9.     The ergative-antipassive alternation in Inuktitut: Analyzed in a case of new-dialect formation, Julien Carrier

10. Variationist sociolinguistics and corpus-based variationist linguistics: overlap and cross-pollination potential, Benedikt Szmrecesanyi

Forthcoming in 2017