Romance Historical Linguistics

Italian 733 / Linguistics 790 / English 790 / English 890

Meeting time: Monday & Wednesday 1: 10-2:30 in Murkland G 02.

Professors: Piero Garofalo (Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Italian)
Naomi Nagy (English Department, Linguistics Program)

Historical linguistics is the study of how and why language changes--both the methods of investigating language change and the theories that explain these changes.   We'll examine the Romance languages and dialects as they have developed from Latin over the last 2000 years, right up until today.   We will study methods for reconstructing earlier stages of a language, as well as looking at the cultural situations in which the changes occurred.   Processes of changes in phonology, syntax and lexicon will be addressed.

Prerequisite: Italian 631 or above or LING / ENGL 505 or permission of an instructor.

Special fee: $10