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Reading for
Linguistics 793: Phonetics and Phonology


These books are at the MUB Bookstore and Durham Book Exchange.

Roca, Iggy & Wyn Johnson. 1999. A Course in Phonology. Blackwell.
Ladefoged, Peter. 2005. A Course in Phonetics, 5th ed. Thomson Wadworth.

Reading Packet

2 Papers on Applications of Phonetics and Phonology (all in D. Oaks (ed.) 1998. Linguistics at Work. Harcourt Brace.)
Cohen, B. There's more to a name. 192-195.
Labov, W. The Judicial testing of linguistic theory. 41-42 and 51-64.
2 articles using variation data to argue for phonological theory
Guy, Gregory. 1991. Explanation in variable phonology: An exponential model of morphological constraints. Language Variation and Change 3.1:1-22.
Guy, Gregory & Charles Boberg. 1997. Inherent variability and the OCP. Language Variation and Change 9.2:149-164.
One chapter presenting the acoustic characteristics of vowels, without math.
Veatch, Thomas. 1991. Acoustics. The Mapping from articulation to formant structure. In English Vowels. University of Pennsylvania PhD dissertation.

Here are a few links to WWW Phonetics resources.

And one directly to the IPA symbol chart (you can hear the sounds, too).

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