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This site is moving!

I've left the University of Toronto! If you're looking for my up-to-date website, you can find it at


Department of Linguistics
University of Toronto
100 St. George St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 3G3

Summer hours: By appointment


I was a limited term assistant professor at the University of Toronto. I specialize in syntax, and my research areas include head movement, ellipsis, ellipsis-like constructions, and related phenomena such as do-support and verb-stranding. I also occasionally do work in morphology and its interfaces with Syntax and Phonology. I am particularly interested in North Germanic languages (Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish) and Western Romance languages (Spanish and Portuguese).

Specific topics I have worked on and currently work on include ellipsis in parentheticals and appositive relatives, ellipsis diagnostics, the interaction of focus with ellipsis, the (lack of) verb stranding in languages with head movement, and the place of head movement in the grammar. See my Output page for papers!

Recent & forthcoming talks