MISSING PAGES: An African-Canadian Experience

Welcome to V.I.B.E 2005!
In celebration of our fifth year, V.I.B.E 2005 decided to focus on Canada, and interrogate and explore our lived experiences and histories here. There has been a long tradition of erasing African-Canadians from Canadian history, V.I.B.E 2005-MISSING PAGES is about correcting that exclusion and demonstrating the strength, pride and beauty of African-Canadians. African-Canadians have to be written into history and V.I.B.E 2005-MISSING PAGES : AN AFRICAN CANADIAN EXPERIENCE, presents a unique opportunity for audience members to explore key figures and moments in African-Canadian History often lost and untold in the daily telling of the Canadian Story. V.I.B.E 2005: MISSING PAGES: AN AFRICAN –CANADIAN EXPERIENCE is a powerful play narrated by Michael St.George and Naila Keleta Mae and featuring a spectacular revue of folk, traditional and urban dancers, spoken word artists and musical guests.

Rebeckah Price
BSA President