Hello again!  Ok, this time Ifm FOR SURE entering this contest, cause all I have to do is email six photos in by tomorrow night (August 31, 2004).  So, I need you to take a look and do some voting again!  Thank you!!!  If I win, I get a trip for two to Aichi, Japan for the World Expo next summer.  The contest is gYour Canadah, so please vote for the six pictures that most represent Canada to you.   (PS – You can see an enlarged version by clicking on the image)

West Coast and Mountains:

Kate on hill


couplefs bench

View from Pender Is.

Snow covered bridge

Snow covered golf course

Pine forest at Kananaskis

River at Kananaskis

Troll Falls (Kananaskis)

Andy and Matt Davidson at Kananaskis

Saskatoon and Saskatchewan:

Meewasin during rain

Double rainbow horizontal

Double rainbow vertical


Sparkling SSR

Cherry Blossoms and Robin

Amber Fuentealba

Big Sky Saskatoon

Moon and golfers

Flowers in bush

Outcropping at Pratt Lake

Old stump at Pratt Lake

Saskatchewan skyline


Bisons and calves

Pratt Lake and berry bush

Three generations


Soccer at UofT

Casa Loma and full moon

Soccer at UofT 2

University College

Knox College


WHOOPS!  Forgot these in the initial page!

Calgary and geese

Calgary and geese ii

pond with ducks in SK