Welcome to planet.U.toronto!! I'm just getting set up, so here's some U of T links to get started:

Victoria College : www.vicu.utoronto.ca
UofT Main Website : www.utoronto.ca
Arts and Science Website : www.artsandscience.utoronto.ca
UTORid (email, webspace) : www.utorid.utoronto.ca
Passport Program : www.passport.utoronto.ca
ROSI (register) : www.rosi.utoronto.ca
MYutoronto (email, news) : my.utoronto.ca

Before I get ahead of myself, allow me to introduce myself!^^ I'm Allegra, currently a U of T student, and after spending a whole year studying my eyes out in life sciences, I have accumulated enough life experiences to put up a website! [more ...]

... my other sites ...
House of Gundam Glory : gundam.dragonflye.net
Silver Millenium Institute : embark.to/sailormoon
Anime Stars : embark.to/animestars