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It is with sorrow that we report that Dr. Eduard Prugovecki passed away at his home in Lake Chapala Mexico on October 13th 2003

1. Biographical Notes

2. List of Publications

3. Scientific Monographs

Quantum Mechanics in Hilbert Space
Academic Press, New York and London,
1st edition 1971; 2nd edition 1981

Stochastic Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Spacetime:
        A consistent unification of relativity and quantum theory based on stochastic spaces
       Reidel, Dordrecht, 1st printing 1984, revised printing, 1986.

Quantum Geometry:
A Framework for Quantum General Relativity

       Kluwer, Dordrecht, 1992

Principles of Quantum General Relativity
World Scientific, Singapore and London, 1995

4. Principal Reviews of the Quantum Geometry Program

Quantum Geometry and Gravity
        published in  Quantum Gravity: International School of Cosmology and Gravitation XIV Course, Erice, 1995

P.G. Bergmann, V. de Sabbata and H.-J. Treder, eds.
World Scientific, Singapore and London, 1996

Historical and Epistemological Perspectives on
Developments in Relativity and Quantum Theory

published as Chapter 12 of Quantum Geometry (Kluwer, Drodrecht, 1992).
This article cannot be reproduced without the permission of Kluwer Academic Publishers

5. Essays on Futurism

Coordinated Group Decision Making
A Sociological Model for Future Democracies
published in Utopias Forum

On Some Future Effects of the Communications Revolution
published in Utopias Forum

Beyond Wells
published in The H.G. Wells Society:  
The Americas Newsletter, vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 5–8

6. Futuristic Novels

 Memoirs of the Future:
A Futuristic Novel
Cross Cultural Publications, Notre Dame, 2001

 Dawn of the New Man:
A Futuristic Novel of Social Change

Xlibris, Philadelphia, 2002

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