Fraction Library
A C++ Fraction library.

Fraction Member List

This is the complete list of members for Fraction, including all inherited members.
DECI enum valueFraction
denominatorFraction [protected]
FORMATFraction [private, static]
FracFormat enum nameFraction
Fraction(const double &number)Fraction
Fraction(const int &numerator, const int &denominator)Fraction
Fraction(const char *frac)Fraction
Fraction(const Fraction &frac)Fraction
getFormat()Fraction [static]
getGCD() const Fraction [private]
IM_FRAC enum valueFraction
numeratorFraction [protected]
operator!=(const Fraction &left, const Fraction &right)Fraction [friend]
operator*(const Fraction &left, const Fraction &right)Fraction [friend]
operator*=(const Fraction &right)Fraction
operator+(const Fraction &left, const Fraction &right)Fraction [friend]
operator++(int inc)Fraction
operator+=(const Fraction &right)Fraction
operator-() const Fraction
operator-(const Fraction &left, const Fraction &right)Fraction [friend]
operator--(int dec)Fraction
operator-=(const Fraction &right)Fraction
operator/(const Fraction &left, const Fraction &right)Fraction [friend]
operator/=(const Fraction &right)Fraction
operator<(const Fraction &left, const Fraction &right)Fraction [friend]
operator<<(ostream &out, const Fraction &fraction)Fraction [friend]
operator<=(const Fraction &left, const Fraction &right)Fraction [friend]
operator=(const Fraction &right)Fraction
operator==(const Fraction &left, const Fraction &right)Fraction [friend]
operator>(const Fraction &left, const Fraction &right)Fraction [friend]
operator>=(const Fraction &left, const Fraction &right)Fraction [friend]
operator>>(istream &in, Fraction &fraction)Fraction [friend]
operator[](const unsigned int &subscript) const Fraction
reduce()Fraction [private]
setDen(int denominator)Fraction
setFormat(const FracFormat &format)Fraction [static]
setNum(int numerator)Fraction
signFraction [protected]