Storage Server Design Project

Duration: January - April, 2009 Members: Rafat Rashid, Ehsan Nasiri, Zhao Qiaozhi Course: Communication and Design, ECE297, UofT

About the Project

The storage server software can maintain a database of tables and allow clients to insert, modify, delete, and search information from the tables in the database through a remote network connection. The design provides clients with a Client Library which they can use to access the server and use its functionalities.

This design allows for multiple concurrent connections from several users and uses memory cache to maximize the speed of the server response to the clients.

Based on research on the market, this type of storage server is widely used in medical clinics to manage medical health information and visitation data of all patients. The storage server can act as a database for storing information such as age, sex, weight, blood type, medical history and prescriptions of patients which doctors and nurses can easily access and manage to treat their patients. The server's capability to provide information that match a search query is also advantageous for managing patients and also conducting statistical research.