Venkataraman Rishiyur Sundar

Last Updated: 18 August, 2007

Hello browser! I do not update this page regularly. I used to use this as a bookmark page during my university days. However you will find some of my work from then below. Contact me (venkatraman “dot” sundar “at” utoronto “dot” ca) if you have any legitimate questions.

A little about me:

Joined University of Toronto in 2003 to pursue Mineral Engineering. Enjoyed my 4 years there. While there, I had the opportunity to visit 6 mines in Ontario and Québec, and take 3 courses in the field; 2 in surface geological mapping and one in land surveying.

Work I am proud of:

I wrote a scrabble program. To play, you must download the following and save them in C:\scr\ Then, run board.exe.

1. Board

2. Board executable

3. Dictionary

4. Log file

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Everyone is not a trademark and is not used under license.

And here is a program that performs an astronomical calculation!


"Good engineering judgement is not measuring something with a micrometer, marking it with a piece of chalk, and cutting it with an axe." – Prof. Murray W. Grabinsky, CIV261 Fall 2004, talking about truncation errors and approximations.

Looking at a temperature-pressure phase diagram of iron: "I don’t know how anyone would like to get something to a hundred thousand atmospheres. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it. I would like to watch from miles away." – Prof. Iain Sommerville, MSE202 Winter 2005.