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Successful animal development requires the precise and coordinated regulation of genes. Understanding the regulation of genetic networks is essential to dissect the etiology of disease, to discern physiological and cellular processes, and to understand the diversity of forms in the natural world.

I am an evolutionary biologist interested in the evolution of gene regulation.

My work uses population genetics and molecular evolution in order to address fundamental issues regarding the evolution of development.

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May 2016
miRNA regulatory motifs is published in RNA
Apr. 2016
Nested gene knockouts in C. elegans is published in Worm
Sep. 2015
Natural selection and degradation of gene function is published in BioEssays
Jul. 2015
I am now at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research 
Apr. 2015
miRNAs and copy number variants is published in Molecular Biology and Evolution
Apr. 2015
Population genomics of Caenorhabditis briggsae is published in Genome Research