Publications, continued

Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings

5) McEwen, R. & Scheaffer, K. (2010) “Orality in the Library: how mobile phones challenge our understandings of collaboration in hybridized information spaces”, International Communications Association 2010 conference. Also submitted to Library & Information Science Research.

6) McEwen, R. & Caidi, N (2010). “Texting Home: examining the mobile phone practices of student newcomers to Toronto”, Canadian Association of Information Science.

7) McEwen, R. (2008). “On My Own: Mobile Phone Practices of Young People in Times of Transition”, Association of South East Asian Nations Conference, Manila


1) Oct 2012. Taking Ontario Mobile: Research-based recommendations for how mobile technologies are part of the financially responsible solution to providing better access to services for Ontarians, 1st ed., ISBN 978-0-9693706-7-3 Authors: Diamond, Roberts, Cater, Crow, Harfoush, Ladner, McEwen, Middleton, O’Farrell, Osterlund, Parisi, Pollock, Punnett, Purves, Rosen, Schwartz, & Woodill. 485 pages.                   

2) July 2012. The Impact of Autism on Children, Families, and Communities: An Exploratory Advisory Report, Report for Sesame Street. Editor Jeanette Betancourt.

3) April 2002. Co-authored “Locking out The Intruders: Special Report – Next Generation Fraud”, Communications Week International.

4) May 2001. Published in the Financial Times in May 2001 article entitled “Computers Have a Hard Time Speaking Our Language” – Voice Enabled Services.


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