Postdoctoral Fellows

Mark Kersten, PhD London School of Economics, 2015-Present
Munk School of Global Affairs

Historical and political relationship between the International Criminal Court and the ‘BRICS’ (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

Sara Dezalay, PhD European University Institute, 2011-2013
Munk School of Global Affairs

"NGOs and the Management of Social Violence through International Criminal Law"
Now Lecturer in International Relations, Cardiff University

Stefan Kroll, PhD Georg-August-University Göttingen, 2011-2012
Munk School of Global Affairs

"The Nature of Intervention: A Comparative Analysis of International Legal Theory from the 19th Century until Today"
Now Research Associate, Goethe University Frankfurt

PhD Students

Myles Leslie, PhD completed 2011
Criminology & Sociolegal Studies

"Speaking for the Dead: Coroners, Institutional Structures and Risk Management"
Now Assistant Professor, University of Calgary

Paulina García Del Moral, PhD completed 2015

"Feminicidio, Transnational Legal Activism, and State Responsibility in Mexico"
Now Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Holly Campeau, PhD completed 2016

"Policing in Unsettled Times: An Analysis of Culture in the Police Organization"
Now Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

Megan Dersnah, PhD completed 2016
Political Science

"Feminist Practice in an International Bureaucracy: Contestation Over the Field of Peace and Security at the United Nations"
Now Policy Manager, Right to Play

Aya Bar Oz

Military Suicides and Moral Boundaries

Sarah Zendel
Political Science

Taboo and the International Circulation of Legal Norms

Ioana Sendroiu

A Sociology of Atrocity Trials

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