Luisa Farah Schwartzman

Selected Publications

Schwartzman, Luisa Farah and Angela Randolpho Paiva. “ Not Just Racial Quotas: Affirmative Action in Brazilian Higher Education 10 Years Later.” British Journal of Sociology of Education, 2014, doi 10.1080/01425692.2014.973015.

Kesler, Christel and Luisa Farah Schwartzman. “From Multi-Racial Subjects to Multi-Cultural Citizens: Social Stratification and Ethnic and Racial Classification among Children of Immigrants in the United Kingdom.” International Migration Review, 2014, doi: 10.1111/imre.12101.

Elrick, Jennifer and Luisa Farah Schwartzman. “From Statistical Category to Social Category: Organized Politics and Official Categorizations of ‘Persons with a Migration Background’ in Germany.” Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol. 38, n. 9, pp.1539-1556, 2015.

Schwartzman, Luisa Farah and Graziella Moraes Dias da Silva,“Unexpected narratives from Multicultural Policies: Translations of Affirmative Action in Brazil.” Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies, Vol.7, No.1, 2012. (Forthcoming) (a preprint version is available here )

Schwartzman, Luisa Farah, “Seeing Like Citizens: Unofficial Understandings of Official Racial Categories in a Brazilian University.” Journal of Latin American Studies , Vol. 41, part 2, May 2009 ( link to the official journal website )

Schwartzman, Luisa Farah, “Who are the Blacks? The Question of Racial Classification in Brazilian Affirmative Action Policies in Higher Education.” Cahiers de la Recherche sur l'Éducation et les Savoirs, No. 7, October 2008.

Schwartzman, Luisa Farah, “Does Money Whiten? Intergenerational Changes in Racial Classification in Brazil.” American Sociological Review, Vol. 72, pp. 940-963, December 2007. (a pre-edited version is available here)


SOC332 - Race and Ethnicity (undergraduate)

SOC375 - Sociology of International Migration (undergraduate)

SOC6109 - Ethnicity II (graduate)

SOC6302 - Statistics for Sociologists (graduate)

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