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Undergraduate Courses:

ECO 306 - American Economic History - University of Toronto

Summary: We will survey American history from the ante-bellum period to the present. We will study both macro and micro topics. One goal of this class will be to learn about economic events, factors and arguments in order to explain current economic events through an historical lens. Another goal will be to use the tools of economics to analyze important research questions in economic history.

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ECO 342 - Twentieth Century Economic History - University of Toronto

Summary: In the fall term, taught by Jon Cohen, the focus is on growth fluctuations in Europe and North America with particular emphasis on international trade and payments, migration, investment, and monetary arrangements. In the spring term, taught by Shari Eli, the focus is on institutions, growth, inequality and government intervention in countries across the world.

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ECO 402 - Topics in Health Economics- University of Toronto

Summary: This course explores a variety of topics in health economics and provides an overview of institutional characteristics of the market for, and public policy towards, health care. Students will apply theoretical and empirical tools to current domestic and international issues in health economics. No previous background in health economics is required.

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PPG 2002 -  Applied Economics Public Policy: Topics in Demography

Summary:  This course explores a variety of topics in applied economics as they relate to the field of economic demography and provides an overview of public policy. Topics discussed in the course will include, but are not limited to, the following: a) pension systems (for the poor, aged, disabled); b) the provision of health care; c) immigration policy and economic growth; d) marriage and divorce laws; and e) the effects of access to birth control and pre-natal care on women's labor force participation and child outcomes.


Graduate Course:

ECO 2620 - Health Economics - University of Toronto

Summary: This course surveys current academic research in the field of health economics. Topics covered include the following: the relationship between health and socioeconomic status in developed and developing countries; health systems around the world; demand and supply of health; HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries.

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