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CIA Looks for Canadian Terrorist

From Wolf Blitzer
CNN Bureau Chief

Canadian suspected "Ren" seen in a rare 2003 photo, while travelling in disguise

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Acts of terror

Montreal, Canada (CNN) -- An international arrest warrant filed with Canadian officials accuses a Canadian of being the ringleader of the international terrorist group known as "CUSID".

Posing as a mild-mannered university student at McGill University in Montreal, "Ren" as he prefers to be called, has been seen travelling extensively around the world in his bid to create and sponsor international terror.

CUSID has frequently spoke out against American policies and Americans in general. Even though several Americans are rumored to be part of this organization at the highest levels, it appears that CUSID has intensely anti-American views.

Acting as the ringleader of this group, Ren travelled to South Africa two years ago where he met with international arms dealers, and their number one man a British educated Asian referred to as WMT. Speaking in a manner where he only repeated one word over and over again, it is believed he may have transmitted vital operations plans in a code which has yet to be cracked by American officials. A few months ago, he was seen in relatively calm Singapore, where he me with an international conference, likely of terrorists tied to the al Qaida network. He was overheard by American intelligence as making long lists which officials think is weapons related.

Although he frequently travels in disguise, his most favorite one according to the CIA is to pretend to be an average boring university student. Although he looks quite docile Canadian officials confirm that he is armed and highly dangerous, perhaps with a biological agent.

Police know that he is extremely computer savvy, frequenting the internet and posting on various forums in private, possibly contacting other operatives based in other Canadian universities. It is rumored that he has access at the highest levels including Microsoft.

American officials believe that "Ren" may be involved with such things as human torture, from the strange human noises that have been heard around him frequently. They are not sure if these actions have been directed by him or have been done by him directly.

He has also been known to incite violence, most notibly with his speech two years back about "angry people" in the West Bank in Israel.

Currently, his motives are unknown, although recent activity has shown that he has the ability to go anywhere at anytime and has allies from all over the world. He has been seen travelling with suspected Pakastani and American operatives, and one Bible quoting Canadian who seems to like the book of Job.

"Ren" was reported to be educated at top schools in his youth before going to McGill, where he was praised with the highest marks, perfect A-pluses. He has also been reported to be a big fan of high technology and has a specific fascination with giant attacking robots formed by five smaller robots, possibly as a terror device.

The CIA and FBI have posted a $25 million bounty on his head and are urging anyone with information to come forward at once.

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