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                        New Testament Studies

·      Biblical Resources Page

·      Church Documents Relating to Biblical Studies

·      NT Gateway

·      Orion Center for Study of Dead Sea Scrolls

·      Catholic Biblical Association of America

·      Study of Judaism and Christianity

·      On-Line Partial Edition of Biblica

·      The Jesus Seminar

·      New Perspectives on Paul

·      Journeys of Paul

·      The Trial of Jesus

·      Catholic Resources - Felix Just S.J.

·      Johannine Literature Page - Felix Just S.J.

·      Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

·      Codex Sinaiticus Online

·      Institute for New Testament Research - Münster

·      Dictionary of Socio-Rhetorical Terms

Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies

·      The Talmud Page

·      Philo of Alexandria

The Ancient World

·      The Corinth Computer Project

·      Alexandria on the Web

·      Egyptology Resources

·      Roman Emperors - de Imperatoribus Romanis

·      Ancient World Mapping Center

·      All Empires: On-line history community

·      Religions of Ancient Mediterranean - Philip Harland

Other Ancient Christian Traditions

·      Gnostic Society - Gnosticism Resources

·      Encyclopedia Coptica

Spirituality, Peace, and Interreligious Dialogue

·      World Spirituality Bibliography - William Harmless S.J.

·      Lift Up Your Hearts - Lutheran Church of Canada

·      Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies - University of Notre Dame

·      Elijah Interfaith Institute Jerusalem

·      Jesuit Interreligious Dialogue and Relations

Bible Software

·      BibleWorks for Windows

·      Logos Bible Software

·      Accordance Bible Software



Updated 21 January 2011