Welcome to the RAID Lab!

The Relationships and Individual Differences (RAID) Lab at Wayne State University conducts research on human participants, with a focus on how people's personalities and insecurities affect their experiences in relationships, during breakups, and when single.

The RAID Lab is frequently looking for reliable, responsible, and enthusiastic students to volunteer as research assistants. If you are interested in joining the RAID Lab as a research assistant, please complete this application form, and return it to Dr. Spielmann at spielmann@wayne.edu.

Lab Members (aka RAIDers)

➢ Graduate Students

  Isabel Cantarella, M.A. isabel.davis@wayne.edu

Isabel is a second year doctoral student in Social Psychology at Wayne State University. She received her BS in psychology from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater and her MA in experimental psychology from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Her primary research interests are in what stimuli individuals allocate their attention to in romantic relationships and how this affects a variety of relationship interactions and outcomes. She is also interested in how people apply metaphors within romantic relationships, as well as the expression of anger and use of apologies.

  Jason Roberson fx0231@wayne.edu

Jason is a doctoral student in the Social Psychology program. He received his B.S. in Psychology from Ferris State University. He is interested in the motivational underpinnings of relationship satisfaction and how these factors are influenced by individual differences. Currently, he is interested in how individuals' romantic goals interact with perceptions of their partner to influence long-term satisfaction within the relationship.

➢ Undergraduate Research Assistants

  Timothy Bruce

Timothy is currently a junior majoring in Psychology.

  Kelley Dolgos

  Kevin Gahman

Kevin is a Psychology major with an interest in clinical, cognitive, and social psychology.

  Jeffrey Kot

Jeffrey is currently an undergrad student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Communications. He aspires to continue his education after finishing his B.A. and obtain a Doctoral degree in the field of Social/Cognitive/Developmental psychology.

  Shannon Maloney

Shannon is a Psychology major in her senior year at Wayne State University. She has an Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Advertising from Grand Valley State University. After graduation she spent 5 years in Chicago and Las Vegas and Florida in the finance and real estate industry before her return to academia and commitment to pursue a PhD. Her research interests include relationships including romantic and family dynamics.