Select Media Representation

"CBC Radio's Ontario Morning" (December 4, 2013)  

The Globe and Mail (December 4, 2013). "Settling for someone because you fear being single? You're not alone."  

Huffington Post (December 4, 2013). "Study says fear of being alone keeps people in bad relationships."  

Cosmopolitan (December 4, 2013). "People would rather be miserable than alone."  

The Week Magazine (December 4, 2013). "Fear of dying alone drives women and men into bad relationships."  

Chatelaine (November 13, 2013). "The simple reason good people stay in bad relationships."  

Men's Health News (June 19, 2012). The one person who's ruining your sex life.

QR77 AM Radio - "Calgary Today with Angela Kocott" (June 4, 2012). Is an 'Ex' really in the past?

Post Media (June 2, 2012). 'Ex-appeal' can undermine new relationships, study finds.

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U of T Magazine (November 30, 2009). "Dating on the rebound"

Globe & Mail (July 17, 2009). "Broken heart? A rebound relationship may do you good" 

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GradPsych magazine - "Bounce back with a rebound relationship"