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Links to other peoples Lego robotics pages that I have found inspiring 

Leo Dorst   

a classic Lego page with many unique hand drawn ideas that have inspired many

Andrew Lipson   

a simple page with some nifty technic ideas, and sculptures!

C.S. Soh   

the final word on Lego pneumatics

Bert VanDam   

artificial intelligence and loads of other good stuff... go to the general information section!

Doug Carlson   

very cool tri star wheel robots and synchro base robots

Mario Ferrari   

lots of neat robots

Denis Cousineau   

a fellow Canadian with lots of technical information

Jennifer Clark   

absolutely phenomenal Lego construction vehicles... 

Dave Astolfo   

a nice page with some really creative robots... check out the fire extinguisher!

Ben Williamson   

very nice page with clean graphics and pictures

Iain Hendry   

builds models of industrial robots like no other...

Chris Magno   

lots of technic walkers

Dave Koudys   

Monstrous robots that eat my robots for breakfast... 

Links to Lego computer modeling and rendering programs

Ldraw Allows you to put together 3D models of your creations, and create your own instructions
MlCad Graphical interface for Ldraw. Highly recommended.
Pov-Ray Free 3d rendering program
L2P Converts Ldraw files to Pov-Ray files using a special 'Lgeo' library
L3P Same as above, but works for any part, not just those in a library. Also uses the Lgeo parts, so this is your best bet.
L3PAO Graphical interface for L3P. Very nice.

Links to Lego Related newsgroups and official pages, etc


everything you ever wanted to know about Lego...

Lego Mindstorms

the official site... 

Technica a registry of most of the technic pieces... very well done

rtlToronto home page   

the fun Toronto area Lego group that I am a part of  

rtlToronto newsgroup  

our hangout on Lugnet

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