A while back at our 9th Toronto area Lego robotics competition, we had a surprise visitor. Darrel Reiter brought one of the original Lego wall climbing robots used for demonstrations at mall tours. This robot was actually built by one of the official Lego model designers in Denmark. So, how did this robot and is wall find its way to Canada? Mr. Reiter runs a children's technology workshop, and uses Lego as the building medium. He contacted Lego, and they offered to donate the Wall climber. Darrel had the robot for a while, but it stopped working at one of his demonstrations after a kid hung from it. (surprise surprise) Anyway, that's why He brought it to our competition, to see if we could fix it. It turns out that it was a software problem , and we soon had it working. Anyway, it was very interesting to see the work of an official Lego designer. It was surprising how many sawed off beams, filed bricks, and glued parts there were. Kind of disappointing.

wallclimer1.jpg (98844 bytes)   wallclimber2.jpg (108457 bytes)

Unfortunately, these are the only two pictures I have.

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