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Anti-Homophobia Group Work for YOUR Classroom!

In 1999, the TDSB approved an Equity Policy Statement which requires that ideals related to anti-homomphobia and sexual orientation equity (as with all areas of equity) be reflected in all aspects of organizational structures, polices, guidelines, procedures, classroom practices, day-to-day operations, and communication practices.  
(Section 3: Anti-Homophobia, Sexual Orientation and Equity, TDSB Equity Foundation Statement & Commitments to Equity Policy Implementation, pg. 21)

Elementary Panel (K-6)
Family Values Workshop – We Value ALL Families…

– an interactive conversation that explores the impact of television images/portrayals of lgbt people; discussion of tv shows, commercials and popular culture; a media literacy approach

Middle School

Secondary Schools (the following list is just some of the past types of group work offered)
(The following topics also include a discussion of definitions of common terms…)

For more info and/or to book a workshop, please contact:
Steven Solomon, MSW, RSW, School Social Worker
Human Sexuality Program & Triangle Program, TDSB
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