Who's Responsible for all this?    -    A Brief Introduction

I assume you wish to know the wizard who stands behind the curtain.

Let's be brief...

This website is the creation of Dominik Starosz (that is I), a student of sociology and anthropology at the University of Toronto. I think of this site as a tool for exhibiting my research into history and the present as well as an outlet for expressing my concerns and thoughts about the future. What distinguishes this site is it's particular focus: how the social sciences play a part in the future of humanity [ie. space development and other future human habitats, economics, human relations, communication & technology etc] and how the social sciences (ex. sociology and socio-cultural anthropology) should be reformed. Much attention is given to how the two disciplines should set a focus on the future and play a more active part in the shaping of society, however, as all should know, in order to plan for our future, it is imperative that we understand our history and fully grasp the ideas that shape our modern world, thus, this site is all encompassing - in short, Tetrahedron explores the human condition.

I suggest that you begin by reading Tetrahedron...or the Day I Discovered the Golden Mean. Most of the information on this site pertains and revolves around this very text, to varying extent.

Dominik Starosz (Autumn, 2003)   (Winter, 2004)
You may contact me at the following addresses:
  • siberius@sympatico.ca
  • dominik.starosz@utoronto.ca
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    Site Info

  • This website is maintained on a University of Toronto web server.
  • Tetrahedron existed before, on a different web server [not at U of T]. I created the previous site in 1998 and have, since that time, maintained the name of Tetrahedron.
  • The site is rather empty (just for a little while) due to the time it takes to transfer everything onto this site [ie. re-edit etc.]
  • UTORweb has certain policies that have to be followed, so for the sake of safety I have included the following note...

    **Note: All content on this site represents the work and views of Dominik Starosz (and whoever else happens to partake in this site) and is not officially approved by the University of Toronto.

    On the design of this site...

    Why mostly text? Why no fancy graphics and design?

    It is my belief that a great many websites lack substance and quality and the sheer amount of "trash" on the internet, although interesting from an anthropological perspective :-), does make it difficult to find concrete information. Considering the mess that the internet has become, I am overjoyed whenever I happen to come across a website that is simple in its design and actually has a lot of valuable information to convey, therefore, in the spirit of simple form and adhering to the old adage, "Simplicity is Virtue", I have kept unnecessarily fancy design to a bare minimum. The site is predominantly utilitarian in design and images are included only when it is necessary to illustrate a point.