CMA - Certified Management Accountants of Ontario

CMAs don't just measure value, they create it.

CMAs aren't just accountants, they are innovative business professionals! With their powerful combination of accounting, management and strategy, CMAs are developed to be broad-based business and accounting professionals who bring a holistic perspective to organizations and create value across many business functions such as Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Operations, IT, HR, and Strategic Planning & Analysis.

CMAs work in practically every industry segment, such as Banking & Financial Services, Retail & Wholesale, Consulting, Public Accounting, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Tourism, and Entertainment & Communications. Thanks to the dynamic and rigorous CMA professional program, CMAs are able to provide leadership, innovation and an integrative perspective to organizational decision-making traits that also make CMA a great foundation for entrepreneurs. Thus, it should be no surprise that CMAs enjoy flexible &rewarding careers around the world where they are among the top 5% of income earners.

By complementing any degree & major with CMA's three pillars of accounting, management and strategy, you can gain a significant competitive advantage for your career. The CMA Accelerated Program is a powerful bridging program that allows students from all backgrounds to qualify for the CMA professional program. Learn more at www.cmaontario.org/accelerated.

Take advantage of CMA Ontario's Free Transcript Evaluation service to see how close you already are to one of the most valued credentials in business. Simply print your unofficial transcripts from ROSI (complete academic history with your name displayed) and submit it with a completed Transcript Evaluation Cover Sheet found at www.cmaontario.org/transcript. (NOTE: It is recommended that you “Print to PDF” both the ROSI Transcript and CMA Cover Sheet and send the two files to info@cmaontario.org). This first step will show you which CMA topics you have already completed and which are still outstanding PLUS you will automatically qualify to win $100 in UTM's next $100 Transcript Evaluation Prize Draw.

Questions? Contact your CMA Rep.: Mira Sirotic, CMA, msirotic@cmaontario.org, 416-482-5556 or visit Becomeacma.com to learn more and view films of CMAs who are creating possibilities across many industry segments.

Visit the CMA Ontario website by clicking here.