Cytoskeleton Support Group
The cytoskeleton support group seminars provide a forum for researchers in the Greater Toronto area with an interest in the cytoskeleton to exchange ideas and techniques. Seminar are held on a monthly basis during the fall, winter and spring terms. If you are interested in joining the group please contact Andrew Wilde ( for further details.

Winter 2017 seminar schedule

.Actin organization during cytokinesis.

Not all formins nucleate equally

Tuesday January 17th 12pm MSB 2172

Andrew Wilde

Dept Mol. Genetics, Dept Biochemistry U of T



.Connecting the cytoskeleton to the pericellular coat:

effects on receptor mobility and phagocytosis

Tuesday February 14th 12pm MSB 2172

Sergio Grinstein

Sick Kids

Control of early events in cell migration

by the actin capping protein, flightless I.

Tuesday March 14th 12pm MSB 2172

Christopher McCulloch

Matrix Dynamics Group, U of T