Useful and fun stuff


Great software to help with digitizing data from a publication.  You can find it here.  


A favourite puzzle of mine.  Invented by a Japanese teacher.  Like Sudoku but more interesting, in my opinion, and at a much higher difficulty level .  Requires deductive reasoning on single digit arithmetic.  Each puzzle can be like a mini-research project!  You can try these puzzles by downloading an app on your mobile device.  Otherwise check out the Wikipedia article.  Trick is to do the puzzle with little to no guessing.

A good site to help with large puzzles can be found here.

Play on words

Play on words in three of the languages I speak.


Well, not a play on words but a puzzle. Punctuate the sentence below so that it will makes sense and is grammatically correct. 

James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher

Japanese (Kansai dialect):

「チャウチャウ ちゃう?」「ちゃうちゃう」「チャウチャウ ちゃうん ちゃう?」

Prononciation: Chow chow chow? Chow chow... Chow chow chown chow?

Translation: Is that a chow chow (the dog)? No, I don't think so... Are you sure it isn't a chow chow?

Chinese (Cantonese dialect):

嗰個 哥哥 高過 嗰個 哥哥 哥哥

Pronunciation: Gaw gaw gaw gaw goh gaw gaw gaw gaw gaw gaw gaw

Translation: This guy is taller than that guy's brother