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Last Modified: July 2018 [pdf version].

Xianwen Shi (施 贤文)


Address: Department of Economics, 150 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3G7
Phone: (416) 978-5105 (downtown), (905) 569-4719 (UTM)
Email: xianwen.shi[at]




2002-2007      Ph.D. in Economics, Yale University, Adviser: Dirk Bergemann
1996-1999      M.A. in Economics, Peking University, China
1992-1996      B.S. in Civil Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, China


2018-            Professor of Economics, University of Toronto
2013-2018    Associate Professor of Economics, University of Toronto
2007-2013    Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Toronto


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"Optimal Discriminatory Disclosure," with Yingni Guo and Hao Li, May 2018.


Dean's Metrit Award, 2010/11, 2016/17, 2017/18
SSHRC Insight Grant, "Topics in Mechanism Design," 2013-2018
SSHRC Standard Research Grant, "Bargaining, Experimentation, and Selection by Committee," 2011-2014
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowship, 2009-2010
SSHRC Standard Research Grant, "Contest Design with Punishment and Entry," 2008-2011
Connaught Start-Up Fund, University of Toronto, 2007
Yale University Dissertation Fellowship, 2007
Carl Arvid Anderson Prize Fellowship, Cowles Foundation, 2006
University Fellowship, Yale University, 2002-2006

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