Cheryl Wang’s Page


Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering, Computer Engineering, 4th year, University of Toronto            Expected Graduation April 2013



Software Developer, IBM Global Services                             January 2011 – August 2011

  • Provided customer support to a major airline customer. Performed multiple urgent bug fixes on the airline’s self-service check-in application. Collaborated with a senior co-worker to implement a new feature on self-service kiosk remote management.
  • Gathered requirements from a co-worker, and implemented Dijkstra’s algorithm in a JavaScript based airport navigation application. The implementation displayed the shortest available path between any two points within a multi-level airport building. 
  • Designed and implemented a computer performance monitoring system using Windows API programming. The system was compiled into a DLL file; when being called, it continuously monitored and displayed various computer performances such as active process IDs, CPU utilization, memory utilization etc. 
  • Collaborated with another intern on my team to carry out regression and smoke testing for a major airline check-in application project. Test results were formally recorded and presented to the project manager and the team lead.
  • Set up Spring-Flex integration on Virtual Machine image of Windows 2003.
  • Assisted other coworkers by backing up Windows machines with Symantec Ghost software.
  • Assembled kiosks, installed operating systems, device drivers.



  • Java, Python, C, C++, Windows API programming, software development on Windows and Linux operating systems, client-server software development model, complexity analysis, inference algorithms etc.



Team Member, Final Year Design Project: Web Integration of Holographic System                     August 2012 - Present

  • Collaborated with two other students to design a web interface for a holograph image generating lab at the University of Toronto.
  • Presented initial design solution to the professor in charge of the holography lab. The design involves Python web application on Google App Engine platform, a local Apache HTTP server, and smartphone applications.
  • Set up development environment for the project; implementation is to be done throughout the next 8 months, until April 2013.

Team Member, Multiplayer Pacman Game                                                        April 2012

  • Collaborated with one teammate to design a distributed multiplayer game.
  • Used Apache Zookeeper to implement leader election, membership maintenance.
  • Implemented multiple scenarios to the game, such as dynamic new user join, user quit, simulated network delay.

Team Leader, Server Design Project I                                                                April 2010

  • Collaborated with three other students to implement a socket-based multi-threaded server in C programing language that received queries over a socket and updated a database.
  • Tested the server against 50 automatically generated clients concurrently sending requests.
  • Formally presented the design and software to the class and instructors.

Team Member, Server Design Project II                                                            April 2010

  • Collaborated with one other student and designed a basic web server which delivers an HTML page to a web browser, an email user client which interacts with a local SMTP server, and a UDP Ping server which generated packets’ sequence numbers and receiving timestamp. 
  • Implemented the designs using Java programing language with Eclipse IDE.



Event Organizer, University of Victoria Spring Festival Event                     January 2009

  • Decorated the venue, organized show rehearsals.
  • Organized the event by greeting guests, maintaining event order, guiding the performers, and making sure shows run smoothly.
  • Designed clothing items using recycled paper and waste fabric, and modeled for an environmental protection themed runway show.

Sales Associate, Dockside Gifts                                                                    Summer 2008

  • Interacted with customers in a friendly manner with brief introduction to the store.
  • Generated sales by understanding customers’ preferences, helping them find the right products.
  • Calculated and recorded daily gross sales at the end of each day.
  • Compared sales between several stores, and analyze store performances.

Server, Shiki Sushi Restaurant                                                                        Summer 2006

  • Greeted and seated customers in a professional manner.
  • Recommended special menu items to the customers and took customer orders.
  • Served customers courteously, and created a friendly environment.



  • Member, University of Toronto Chinese Student Association             2009-Present
  • Member, Chinese Student and Scholar Association

at University of Victoria                                                                       2008-Present

  • Volunteer, Victoria Dragon Boat Festival                                                2007-2008