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                 Cecily. This name came about when I had to come up with a name for my Grade 5 English class in HK. I first started with Lowinna, which sounded too old fashioned, so I changed it to Edith. But for an unknown reason (i.e. I forgot), I finally decided on the name Cecily. From this incident,  I can be  sure of one thing:  my English was better than Jacky's back then... and it is still better even now! hahaha...


I came to Toronto after F.3 and found the Canadian lifestyle very desirable. I  went to St. Robert Catholic High School and attended Queen's University where I met my prince, Jacky.  After meeting Jacky, I have decided to stay in this beautiful country (or follow where ever he goes!).


My favourite sport is badminton unless I have enough $ to go shopping. I just never get tired of them. I also like to cook and am very good at it (maybe you can try some of my cooking if you are lucky!)


I am the chairwoman of the International Couch Potato Association.  If you want to join, please send an email and donations to me or the Vice Chairman, Jacky.