JJ.Y -


                Jacky. This is the name my Dad gave me when we were applying for immigration to Canada back when Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister.  At that time, I couldn't even spell my name..... yes, my English was THAT good back then....


Fortunately, years of reading and interactive learning made me English real good. I think I were the especially bright kid because I never got out of the ESL class (.....it means Enlightened Student Learning, right?) . 


In fact, I love studying so much, I am working as a professional student. I took my studies from the west cost to the east, where I met my angel, Cecily. She has supported me in my endeavors ever since. 


Besides studying, I love soccer and treasure the days during high school when my friends and I played soccer from day till night. I also have a deep fascination with science and space.