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Ricky Yuen
M.A.Sc. '04, B.A.Sc '02

Email: ryuen@alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Website: http://individual.utoronto.ca/yuenlikkan
Occupation: Analog circuit designer
Current employer: Fresco Microchip Inc., Woodbridge, Ontario
Work phone: 905-856-8112 x228

Welcome to my homepage! In this site, you will find information about what I did in the past, what I am working on, what my interests are, and what I wanted to do in the future. If you have comments to share with me, feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.

I was born in Hong Kong, a sleepless city with tons of entertainment and interesting people. Hong Kong is still one of my favorite travel destinations besides Japan, Korea, and other big cities in China.

After 10 years of education in Hong Kong, I immigrated to Toronto, Canada. I did my secondary school in Sir Alexander Mackenzie Public School in 1991 and high school in Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate in 1993. I was part of the school's Mathematics League team from grade 10 to OAC.

After obtained my OSSD in high school, I entered University of Waterloo in 1997 and pursued a Computer Engineering degree. In there, I had 5 wonderful years in both social and academic life. Socially, I met a large group of friends. Academically, I had seven wonderful work terms where I gained valuable experience. Some of the companies I worked for are Midland Walwyn Capital Inc. (Merrill Lynch Canada Inc.), ATI Technologies Inc., Research in Motion Inc., and Sirific Wireless Inc.

Although I was studying Computer Engineering in my Bachelor degree, I am more interested in becoming an Electrical Engineer. I chose to go to University of Toronto for a Master degree i n 2002. I have to thank my supervisor, Ali Shekiholeslami, for his guidance throughout my study. I graduated in 2004 with an Electrical Engineering degree, specializing in high-speed I/O design. My thesis topic is a 6.4Gbps Transmitter with ISI and Reflection Cancellation.

During my graduate study, I had an internship with Fujitsu Laboratories of America (FLA) in Sunnyvale, California. The weather in the sunshine state is unbelievable. I was there for three months from March to June 2004. Out of the 90 days I stayed there, it rained once. The temperature is never lower than 20 degrees during the day. Aside from the beautiful weather, I have to thank Bill Walker from FLA for his patience in helping graduate students like me. The experience and knowledge that I gained from him has surpassed all of my previous work terms combined.

I am currently employed at Fresco Microchip Inc., a fabless semiconductor company focusing in the development of silicon tuner and demodulator products for TV and consumer electronics applications. I am the lead designer of the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) block and the intermediate frequency (IF) filter block.

Personally, I am highly addicted to the sport of golf. I like going to the driving range to practice during the long and dreaded Canadian winter and I love playing with my friends on a golf course during the short Canadian summer.

I am a big fan of Barcelona soccer team and I try to find and watch all the games that they played. The reason why I like that particular team more than others is because of their playing style, attack soccer. I feel sick and frustrated to watch a team sit back and defend after they got an early goal. To make it worst, some teams even use time wasting tactic to play a game and this totally destroys the game of soccer. My favorite international teams are Hong Kong and Brazil. I think Brazil has a great chance of winning the World Cup in Germany this year.

I am also very interested in finance, especially the major stock markets in North America. The most interesting aspect of the stock market is that it is changing continuously and we have no way of predicting what is going to happen. My own little theory is that, if you want to earn money in the stock market, you have to know more than the person who you win it from.

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