Recent Work

Keywords: X-Ray µCT, Rock mechanics, numerical simulation, FDEM, hydraulic fracturing, microseismic, 3D surface scan, dynamics loading (SHPB), granular material, grain crushing


Rock deformation experiments under X-ray µCT

Conducting rock physics experiments while inspecting the sample volume using X-ray micro-computed tomography (µCT). Read more

3D surface scan

The rock surfaces are digitized using 3D surface scanner and surface roughness can be quantitatively assessed.

4D observation of rock deformation

A set of rotary shear tests were conducted on a rough rock surface to investigation the deformation of rock joint and shear induced secondary fractures. Read more

Numerical simulation of acoustic emission

Simulation of of laboratory rock failure tests showing the influence of in-situ stress on seismic activities (acoustic emissions). Read more

Numerical simulation of hydraulic fracturing (HF) and induced seismicity

Two hydraulic fracturing simulations were carried out to investigate the influence of reservoir geological conditions, including bedding planes and discrete fracture network (DFN), on the stimulation performance. Read more

Numerical simulation of dynamic loading test using SHPB

The specimen with a pre-cut in the center was loaded by a dynamic pulse input.

Simulation of filled joint under dynamic loading

Simulation of dynamic loading test using Split-Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB). The propagation of stress wave, compaction, and grain crushing are successfully simulated. Read more

Visualization of microscopic features inside geomaterials

Geomaterials are digitized using the X-Ray µCT.

"Bye world" 3D FDEM simulation

A very nice example of 3D FDEM simulation, using Irazu simulation software by Geomechanica Inc. Read more

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