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North Abydos  Votive Zone Project

North Abydos Votive Zone Project


Welcome to the North Abydos Votive Zone Project webpage. On this website, you will find information about the ancient Egyptian site of Abydos, cult centre of the god Osiris, and about some of the archaeological research projects being carried out there.


The following pages describe the results of recent fieldwork in a part of North Abydos called the Votive Zone, including the discovery of two previously unknown chapels of Thutmose III.


Here you can also learn about the research project, which focuses on understanding the social organization of the community that left behind traces of votive activity at the site, and the complex interface between state-level religious institutions and popular religious practice in ancient Egypt.


The development of the ritual landscape of North Abydos and the function of Abydos as one of the most significant Egyptian ceremonial centres is also explored on these pages.






For additional information about the project, please contact:


Dr. Mary-Ann Pouls Wegner

Director, North Abydos Votive Zone Project

Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations

University of Toronto

4 Bancroft Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M5S 1C1



Email: ma.poulswegner@utoronto.ca

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