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Katniss and Peeta - The Hunger Games

"All right," I say. "I can send one of the Capitol people to help you." There's a number on the train. Cooking for us. Waiting on us. Guarding us. Taking care of us is their job.
"No. I don't want them," says Peeta. - Page 49

He sees me staring at him and shrugs. "Who knows?" he says. "One of them may be rich." - Page 60

I look down at our linked fingers as I loosen my grasp, but he regains his grip on me. "No, don't let go of me," he says. The firelight flickers off his blue eyes. "Please. I might fall out of this thing."
"Okay," I say. So I keep holding on, but I can't help feeling strange about the way Cinna has linked us together. It's not really fair to present us as a team and then lock us into the arena to kill each other. - Page 71

"Yes," I say, observing him carefully. "So did your father. He brought me cookies." Peeta raises his eyebrows as if this is news. - Page 84

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