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These are personal projects that I have done on my own free time as well as during my time at University.

Super Tap Bros - Platform Retiered

Touch Develop is a light weight mobile development platform designed by Microsoft. This is their attempt to get more people interested in coding, breaking it down to the most simple steps and allowing the user to take tutorials and build upon their knowledge. Super Tap Bros is a game I made in University using this platform (it works best on mobile devices). I only had about a month to make it so there are some bugs and things I'd like to change but its a good example of what this platform can do and its fun to play once and a while.


The Blind Duck App

This is a mock up I did of an app that would be used to order food remotely from my University's pub, The Blind Duck. It is very basic but shows how the app would work and its planned functionality if it was made. The purpose of the project was not to make an app but just a mock up.