Technology has advanced a great deal since the computer was first invented. Computers are faster and have greater memory capacities. Not only have computers improved, but Internet connections as well. Faster Internet connections allow people to surf the web, download files, and stream large sized files online.

Overall, this is a positive thing for most of society. However, a downfall to such improvements in technology may increase users to commit an illegal activity - piracy. Increases in Internet speeds and easier access to computers, would make downloading songs illegally much easier and faster.

This essay will argue how advances in technology will increase the likelihood of downloaders to commit illegal downloading of music files and ignore intellectual property rights, set out to protect the work of artists.

This essay will briefly discuss the meaning of piracy, followed by how advances in technology can increase piracy, and the effects piracy may have on the record industry and what record companies may do in order to prevent piracy from occurring.

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