Analysis: Tattoo 10



j wearer: woman
j location on body: ankle
j colours: orange, yellow, black
j design: sun and a cherry (over another tattoo)
j text: none
j approximate size: < 10 cm x 10 cm
j probable method/materials: electric tattoo machine; ink

j visibility: visible to wearer; can be easily hidden under pant leg/sock; display of tattoo at the wearer’s discretion
j‘contemporary’ design
j how perceived: sun; fire; cherry; femininity?

j historical/cultural context: late 20th century United States (California)
j symbolic meanings: sun symbol of fire, strength, heat, longevity, power, light; cherry symbol of sex, femininity; tattoo covers (and defaces) another tattoo, why? (disliked style of older tattoo? erasing memory associated with it?)




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-image: Joel Dodds, Sacremento, California, USA, Date Unknown (Schiffmacher 1996:566)-