Analysis: Tattoo 9



j wearer: man
j location on body: entire back, buttocks, upper legs
j colours: black, green, red, orange, yellow
j design: Japanese samurai warrior, flowers, waves, carp fish (koi)
j text: two Chinese kanji characters
j approximate size: 80 cm x 60 cm
j probable method/materials: possible electric tattoo machine, or perhaps traditional Japanese wood and metal needles, paint brushes; ink

j visibility: not visible to wearer; generally hidden from public view under clothes (Japanese tattoos frequently kept hidden)
j‘traditional’ Japanese design
j how perceived: traditional Japanese artwork; warrior motif; nature

j historical/cultural context: contemporary tattoo using ancient, traditional Japanese motifs
j symbolic meanings: warrior (strength, power, masculinity, virility); koi (strength, endurance, perseverance); man conquering nature; Japanese nationalism; the skin of the wearer is a canvas for a the tattoo artist





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-image: Artist Unknown, Date Unknown (Schiffmacher 1996:484)-