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Uncial Greek Fonts

This font is designed to represent the script of the Papyrus Manuscript "P39." I created it in 2001 when I was doing some text-critical work on P39. It was most useful for calculating the amount of space needed to write the missing text (see example).

This font is available here for free download
(Right mouse and click "Save Target as...")
for non-commercial use only.

Fonts designed to represent the script of NT manuscripts
can be used to create reasonable facsimiles
(see example1example2).

I have designed other similar fonts (with the help of Philip Payne of Linguist's Software) for the following New Testament Manuscripts...

Codex Bezae Greek
Codex Bezae Latin
Codex Sinaiticus
Codex Vaticanus
Codex Alenandrianus
Codex Washingtonianus ('First Hand')
Codex Washingtonianus ('Second Hand')
P. Oxy. 4401

Also available:

Greek Epigraphy Special Characters set
Konya Inscriptions

These are available for sale at: