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Stephen Cain

Stephen Cain is the author of American Standard/ Canada Dry, a new collection of poetry from Coach House Books. Previous full-length books include Torontology (ECW, 2001) and dyslexicon (Coach House, 1999).

Cainís work has been anthologized in The Common Sky: Canadian Writers Against the War, Career Suicide!: Contemporary Literary Humour and side/lines: a new Canadian poetics.

His poems have appeared internationally, including in such journals as: Rampike, Open Letter, Jacket (Australia), Matrix, filling station, Essex (U.S.), dANDelion, eye weekly and QSQ.

Since 1995 he has operated the micropress Kitsch in Ink, and has published numerous chapbooks and broadsides in the small and micro press communities.

Cainís sound poetry can be heard on the CD Carnivocal (Red Deer, 1999) and he is also recognized as a significant visual poet.

He has been a literary editor at the late, lamented literary journal Queen Street Quarterly and is currently a fiction editor at Insomniac Press.


1.    POET: Any of his three books

2.    TEACHING POETRY: Professor at York University

3.    CRITIC: Stephen Cain is a renowned scholar of the Canadian Small Press Industry




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