ENG 356: Contemporary Canadian Poetry

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Stephen Cain reads in class 06 February 2006


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The goal of the course is to connect the classroom to poetic practice as much as possible -- including not just to authors, but also to the other roles listed below. Thinking of the literati as a whole, and of poetry as community practice are two central ideas that we will be exploring throughout the course.


The interview project serves this goal by connecting students to people actively producing Contemporary Canadian Poetry or actively involved in the production, distribution, or teaching of Contemporary Canadian Poetry

Students will review the biographies (supplemented by in-class discussions), research selected people, decide upon both a subject and a topic, and contact that person. The interview will be conducted sometime in February and presented to the class in March. Students will use the interview as a core component of their major research paper to be handed in at the end of March.

The current roster of interview subjects include:

- Published Poets
- Little Mag and Literary Journal publishers and editors
- Small Press and Micropress editors, publishers, and bookmakers
- Independent booksellers and distributors
- Literary Event organizers: reading series, tv series, small press fairs, novelty literary events, and more.


Canadian Poets of Old

A Contemporary
Canadian Poet


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