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Hugh Thomas

Hugh Thomas is a poet and translator presently living in Fredericton, where he teaches mathematics at the University of New Brunswick.  Current projects include translating "Anabase" by St.-John Perse, as well as working on a new manuscript of his own poems.

Chapbooks and other standalone publications:
Mutations, chapbook from BookThug, Toronto, 2004.  
Map of Paris, sheet from red iron press, Toronto, 2004.

Anthology appearances:
Shift and Switch, derek beaulieu, Jason Christie, angela rawlings eds., Mercury Press, Toronto, 2005.
My Lump in the Bed: Love Poems for George W. Bush, Stuart Ross ed., Proper Tales Press, Toronto, 2004. 

Recent periodical appearances:
Syd and Shirley no.2, forthcoming.
dig. (Toronto) no. 11, forthcoming. 
fhole (Toronto), nos. 3,6 (2005) and no. 1 (2004).
This Magazine (Toronto), January/February 2005. 
Queen Street Quarterly (Toronto), vol. 7, No. 3, September 2004.
Chiaroscuro (Toronto), no. 18, October 2003.


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