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Laboratory Downloads for the Patheon Pharmaceutics Teaching Laboratory

The following spreadsheets may be referred to in your laboratory manual, and may be required to complete and submit your lab.

Please make sure you download the correct spreadsheet.

Check with your TA or instructor if you are not sure.
Start with a fresh copy to avoid corrupt or faulty spreadsheets. Only print one copy to submit with your laboratory report. If the laboratory worksheet contains data and graphs, print the entire worksheet, not just the graph itself. If you are having difficulties printing or using the worksheets, ask your instructor or TA for help.

Left click, then Save As to open the following files.

  • benzo.xls
  • calibration.xls
  • calorimetry.xlsx
  • Capsule_Filling.xls
  • dissolution.xls
  • HCl_calculation.xls
  • moldcalcsDF.xls
  • moldcalcs.xls
  • ointmentdiff.xls
  • oscillator.xls
  • probit.xls  Also have a look at: probit.pdf
  • sedimentation.xls
  • shelflife.xls
  • tablets.xlsx
  • tapdensity.xls
  • tapdensity.xlsx
  • tapdensity2.xls
  • titration.xls
  • tonicity.xls
  • viscosity.xls

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