CAL for Students: A Tool Kit & Read-in Group
A Project
Schedule 2013-14

All read-ins Tuesdays, 12:30-1:45pm, Falconer Hall, University of Toronto, Faculty of Law.  Materials available online @ CAL for Students (full bibliography here).  BYOL.  All students welcome.  Still have questions?  Contact Brittany Shamess (2L), James Marton (2L), or Markus Dubber (25+L).

Fall 2013

  1. September 17...Intro & Preliminary  [Falconer 3]
  2. September 24...Learning/Teaching Law  [Falconer 1]
  3. October 8...Legal Realism  [Falconer 1]
  4. October 29...Legal Realism (cont'd)  [Falconer 1]
  5. November 12...Legal Process [Falconer 3]
  6. December 3...Law School Exams: A CAL Primer  [Falconer 3]
Spring 2014
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