Fateh Singh

Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering, 3rd year
University of Toronto
Email address : fateh.singh@mail.utoronto.ca


Server Project, Jan 2012 - April 2012

Designed a Server-Client based Server Project using C language. Worked on parts including the File I/O, Password Encryption, Parsing the commands by Client and Multiple Client Support. Successfully lead a team of three with me being the lead programmer.

Assembly Projects, Jan 2012 - April 2012

1. Successfully built and programmed an automated Dominos stacking robot that stacks dominos after certain intervals with assembly. (Click here for the source code)
2. Successfully built and programmed a self balancing robot with assembly using a Lego kit. (Click here for the source code)
3. Developed a typing game where the player has to quickly type the letters on the screen. (Click here for the code)

Digital systems Project, Sept 2011 - Dec 2011

Designed a game in Verilog using an FPGA board. Coded the game without using software languages.
Effectively worked as a team of two with me being the lead programmer.


PANDA Webtool, KIMLAB, Summer 2012

Made an online webtool which asks for user's input, runs the Prediction tool and then presents the results in a graphical format. Made the webtool using Python as the base. Used Django and Appache2 framework for the website. Coded the website using HTML and CSS. Implemented task queuing using Celery. There was a previous tool named PANDA which I replaced with my tool but some of the backend part was taken from my tool. Here is the link to the tool.

PANDA Structural Region Prediction Tool, KIMLAB, Summer 2012

Made a Prediction tool using C and Python to predict the Non-domain Structural Folds inside a Protein sequence. Used several other prediction tools to make this structural prediction. After finishing the coding part optimization of the code was done running these tools parallely. Parameter search method was used to train the test proteins with their results. Here is a poster that I made during the summer for a poster competition that explains everything about this project and the tool.

Graphing tool in Java, Summer 2012

Made a graphing tool to graph the results of the PANDA prediction tool. The coding was done using Java's swing library. Click here for the link to the picture of the tool and here for the source code. Here is the tar file that contains the tool with a couple of test cases in case you would like to see how it works.

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